Checking Criteria

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JSD uses ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (AQL) as its sampling standard. This standard is widely used in the inspection profession to determine whether to accept a production lot. It offers the advantage of clearly defining the number of samples to be inspected from a given lot or consignment. It also suggests the maximum number of defective items allowed in the samples size unless specified by clients. Our default Acceptance Quality Level is Level II.

---Quantity status                                       ---Product appearance
---Performance & function test                  ---Workmanship
---Assembly                                               ---Accessories
---Material                                                  ---Color
---Logo                                                       ---Size & measurement
---Weight                                                    ---Assortment
---Carton status                                          ---Barcode scan test
---Packing & marking                                 ---Shipping mark
---Factory View                                          ---Container inspection

Besides the above, we can carry out a tailor-made inspection according to your criteria.

A comprehensive report with photographic evidence is provided to the clients, generally via email within 24hours after the inspection, detailing the actual findings and comments.