ISO 9000

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ISO established  the Quality Management and Quality Assurance Technology Committee (TC176) in 1979, to be in charge of quality management and quality assurance standards. ISO9000 Standards have gone through large scales of modification several times since it‘s issued in 1987, then the current ISO9000 Standards came into being.

At present, ISO9000 Standards contain a group of closely related core standards of quality management system:
---ISO9000: Quality Management System- Basis and Terms
---ISO9001: Quality Management System- Requirements
---ISO9004: A Method of Quality Management System-Organize Continuous and Successful Management
---ISO9011: Verification Guide for Management System

Worked out by many developed countries, ISO9000 Standards are the scientific summary of practical experience on quality management, which are applicable to organizations of different types and scales manufacturing different products. The implementation of ISO9000 Standards can assist organizations to improve and consummate quality management system, and can be also conducive to the improvement of management level for organizations.

As one of the core standards of ISO9000 Standards, ISO9001 is applicable to all kinds of organizations, and it is also the management system with the largest number of certification in the world. ISO9001:2015, is the current valid version.