Homeware / Kitchenware

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Quality control of homeware requires considerable hands-on expertise and a keen focus on detail. JSD technical engineers customize our standard homeware inspection checklists to include your main concerns and specific requirements for each product. JSD inspectors then conduct a series of on-site checks to verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), international regulations, safety standards, and our extensive industry know-how.

Main tests performed during an inspection of Homeware / Kitchenware

---Real function check                        ---Safety check                           ---Smell test

---Flow test                                         ---Abuse test                               ---Impact test on lid

---Stability check                                 ---Capacity check                       ---Flushing test

---Water leaking test                           ---Wobbly base check                 ---Temperature accuracy test

---Heat resistance test                        ---Loading test                             ---Splash test